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The City of Copenhagen has established Center for Diabetes where multiple professional skills are available under one roof.

These skills are provided by nurses, dieticians and physiotherapists among others.

The goal is to establish a house where all Copenhageners with either type 2 diabetes or heart diseases and their relatives feel welcome and want to be. The physical environment is positive and health-stimulating. Center for Diabetes features a modern and inspiring kitchen facilities where people can learn how to make healthy and tasty food in collaboration with the dieticians in the house.

Center for Diabetes also accommodates user-friendly training facilities and provide opportunities to exercise both indoors and outdoors. Other facilities includes inviting conversation rooms for patient education sessions and individual programmes, as well as a monthly cafe to stimulate networking and relationship building.

Center for Diabetes has opened up to civil society and has formed a close partnership with the Danish Diabetes Association.

In Center for Diabetes the citizens’ resources are brought into play and permeate all activities undertaken in the house to ensure that the citizens’ resources make up the pivotal element and driving force of the Centre.

Watch a video about two users' experience with the center

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